"The Big Bang Theory": The Gang Says Goodbye in Series Finale

May 17, 2019

© Robert Hanashiro, USAT

The Big Bang Theory came to a close after 12 seasons on Thursday night, leaving fans with happy news for the beloved characters. At the beginning of the tearjerker episode, Sheldon and Amy found out they won the Nobel Prize for Physics. In other big--though slightly less exciting news--the broken elevator was finally fixed! And then Penny reveals that she's pregnant. Although she and Leonard tried to keep it a secret for a bit, the whole gang found out on the plane to see Sheldon and Amy receive their Nobel in Sweden. After Sheldon nearly alienated his friends with his usual self-centered attitude, he won them back by forgoing his long Nobel speech for heartwarming words of love about his longtime friends. The show closed appropriately with the gang back at the apartment, eating takeout.