Bebe Rexha Loses 45-Year-Old Acquaintance to Coronavirus, Urges Fans to Stay Home

March 17, 2020
Bebe Rexha

Getty Images


Pop singer Bebe Rexha urged fans to "stay inside" their homes on Twitter Monday, revealing that a 45-year-old acquaintance of hers had died from the coronavirus, Entertainment Tonight reports. “This is NOT A JOKE. A friend of a friend just died of corona at the age of 45,” Rexha wrote. “STAY INSIDE YOUR F***IN HOUSE AND DO YOUR CIVIC DUTY. PLEASE.” The singer wasn't done, and lobbied the government to provide financial relief to citizens over the virus. “The US government should put a stop to rent payments, mortgage payments and utility payments at least until the corona virus is under control,” she tweeted. “Millions of Americans are worried about keeping their jobs and their homes instead of staying safe. @realDonaldTrump.”