Bagel Boss Pipsqueak Has Crazy YouTube Channel, Lies About Free Bagel, Says Women Are Now Hitting on Him

July 12, 2019

TonyBaggett iStock / Getty Images Plus

The five-foot-tall dude who went viral Wednesday for his unhinged rant about women not giving him the time of day due to his height (or lack thereof) at a Long Island Bagel Boss has been identified as a 45-year-old Bay Shore cleaning business owner named Chris Morgan. Turns out Morgan has a YouTube page filled with footage of his unhinged public confrontations. A clip of Morgan laying into a pair of non-Caucasian 7-Eleven workers makes it hard to believe he's not a bit of a racist, while a video of him unloading on a "ghetto hood rat" and her son for cutting him in a bathroom line reveals a sexist streak as well. But Morgan tells The New York Post that, now that he's achieved online infamy, "My phone is blowing up like the president" and "I got girls hitting on me I don't even know." He also says Bagel Boss invited him back for a free bagel, a claim the store's owner says is patently false. "No one invited him for a bagel," Mike Ficco tells The Post. "He's not welcome." How much you want to bet Morgan's lying about his luck with the ladies as well?