Bagel Boss Pipsqueak Doesn't Trust Women, Uses N-Word But Swears He's Not Racist

July 15, 2019

TonyBaggett iStock / Getty Images Plus

To the surprise of no one, the five-foot-tall dude who went viral last week for his unhinged rant about women inside a Long Island Bagel boss is both sexist and racist. When asked by a TMZ videographer if he's "misogynistic," Chris Morgan first replied, "What does that mean? Like, egotistical?" After the interviewer rephrased his question to ask if Morgan feels "negatively about women," he said, "I won't lie, most of 'em, yeah. Because I don't trust any of 'em." Morgan went on to say he's not homophobic because "gays don't bother me, I can hang out with 'em, just don't touch me. Especially in the private parts." As for whether or not he's racist, the 45-year-old cleaning business owner said he's not because he has "black friends." However, he added, "If somebody upsets me and he happens to be black, or steals from me, then yeah. I mean, that word comes out of my mouth. I'm not gonna lie."