"The Bachelorette": Two Suitors Remain After Hannah Cuts Peter Loose

July 30, 2019

Getty Images North America

In part one of the season finale of The Bachelorette, a teary Hannah cut Peter loose during the rose ceremony, while Jed and Tyler both got a rose. "You're like, the dream guy," Hannah said consoling Peter, who replied, "that he didn't regret anything," before shedding some tears of his own in the limo. Back in the studio, host Chris Harrison also consoled Peter, telling him that nobody would ever be able to look at windmills the same way again. Hannah addressed the famous windmill tryst as well, admitting "it was actually four times," they had sex inside of it. Tyler met Hannah's family and it went well, with Hannah telling her mom she could see herself engaged to him. Things didn't go well for Jed: Hannah's folks were wary about his ability to support their daughter as a musician. Hannah's dad was particularly hung up with Jed's self-described biggest accomplishment--writing a dog food jingle. Next, Tyler and Hannah had their final date, after which Hannah admitted she could see a future with him. Hannah got seasick on her final date with Jed, capping a bad episode for the musician. Hannah set up a cliffhanger at the end of the show, telling the crowd even she didn't know who was going to get the final rose in Tuesday's finale.