"The Bachelorette": Hannah Accuses Cam of Wanting "Pity Rose"

May 28, 2019

Pankova iStock / Getty Images Plus

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah decided to send Cam home because she realized he was trying to get a "pity rose." Things came to a head after Cam interrupted at least two of Hannah's dates to have some time alone, and revealed that he quit his job to be on the show. "I'm really disappointed," Hannah later said of her decision. "Cam was the very first guy I gave a rose to...I don't give pity roses." Luke P. also started to get on Hannah's nerves during the episode, when he became jealous of her budding relationships with other suitors. At one point she told him, "I want to call the shots," and later, "You are not the only strong relationship that I have here." During the episode,  Hannah also went to the hospital for fluids after feeling ill and the guys got to experience what giving birth feels like via a "labor pain simulator."