Aussie Anti-Vaxxing Nurse Brags About Handing Out Lollipops Laced With Chicken Pox for Halloween

November 4, 2019



Worst trick-or-treat trick ever! An anti-vaxxing mom in Australia admitted on Facebook last week that she handed out lollipops laced with the chicken pox virus for Halloween. "So my beautiful son has the chicken pox at the moment and we've both decided to help others with natural immunity this Halloween!" wrote Sarah Walker, who identifies herself on the platform as a registered nurse at Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane--although Yahoo! notes that the facility is actually located in Melbourne. Walker added about her stunt, "We have the packaging opening and closing down pat and can't wait to help others in our community." The hospital has since said in a statement that nobody by that name has worked there, adding that authorities are investigating the situation. Meanwhile, Walker said in a followup post, "You think you’re right by judging me and my trying to report me and get me fired. I don’t care. The health and wellbeing of my baby is far more valuable than any job...And I'm offering lifelong immunity for the price of a couple of blisters and a few days off school."