Apple Unveils Triple-Camera iPhone 11 & $5 Monthly Apple TV+ Streaming Service

September 11, 2019



Apple announced a new iPhone Tuesday, as well as a couple of aggressively priced new streaming services. Reuters reports that the new iPhone 11 Pro will feature three new cameras with wide angle, telephoto and ultra wide lenses, each of which can shoot video and will start at $999. The iPhone will also be available in a two-camera version at $699, or the Pro Max version with a larger screen at $1,099. The phones will be available to order September 13, and will start shipping September 20. Analysts expect the company to sell about 200 million of the new phones. The company also finally unveiled their long-awaited Apple TV+ streaming service, with a surprisingly low monthly price of $5, which will launch in November in 100 countries. The company said it will give a free year of the service to customers who buy an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Apple also announced a $4.99 per month Apple Arcade service, which will allow users to play over 100 games on Apple devices, including with Xbox One or Playstation 4 controllers, CNET reports. “We weren’t expecting Apple Arcade and particularly Apple TV to be priced as aggressively as they were,” analyst Ben Bajarin says. “They know once consumers get into their ecosystem, they don’t leave.”