Another Gender Reveal Stunt Goes Wrong, This Time There's a Plane Crash

November 11, 2019



Sooner or later, someone's going to decide the only proper way to reveal their baby's gender is by detonating either a blue or pink nuclear bomb. Yet another gender reveal stunt went wrong back in September, according to a report that was just released by the National Transportation Safety Board. Apparently someone in Turkey, Texas hired a pilot friend of theirs to fly by the party and either dump blue water or pink water based on the baby's gender. But as the pilot flew by and dumped the pink water, he flew too low, lost control and crashed. Fortunately, the pilot and the passenger in the plane only wound up with minor injuries. So this isn't quite as tragic as the gender reveal party in Iowa last month that left one woman dead in an explosion but, you know, it's still really bad.