Amanda Bynes Ordered to Check Into Psychiatric Facility, But Refuses to Go

March 10, 2020

Former Nick star Amanda Bynes was ordered by a judge last week to check herself into a psychiatric facility, The Blast reports, but is so far refusing to go. The drama started at a secret court date last Thursday, in which Bynes, her family, and ex-fiancé Paul Michael all attended. Bynes's parents are her conservators, and would not allow her to marry Michael, who she met in AA. Details of Bynes' engagement and mental state were discussed at the hearing, after which the judge ordered her into the facility. At the time, she agreed to go voluntarily, but later refused to go. A source told the outlet that Michael "freaked out" after the hearing and hearing how bad off she is, and that their breakup came because Michael did not want to do anything that would get him in trouble. He also does not want to be blamed for Bynes' current mental state. At this stage the family is trying to convince Bynes to voluntarily enter the facility, but if she doesn't, they may have to take other steps.