Amanda Bynes' Engagement Ring Cost $49, Mom Won't Let Her Get Married

February 24, 2020

Will Amanda Bynes' quickie engagement to Paul Michael actually lead to marriage? Sources tell TMZ it won't because Bynes' mom--who's also her conservator--won't let her get hitched. "Her mother holds the keys to marriage and she doesn't approve of her daughter's engagement," insiders tell the outlet. "The family feels it's not in her best interest to be married [and> they haven't met Paul, so a wedding ain't happening." Meanwhile, sources also say that Michael--who apparently doesn't have a job--got Bynes' engagement bling for a mere $49 off Amazon, and that the diamond is fake, but Bynes knows that and doesn't mind. The 33-year-old Bynes introduced Michael on Thursday in an Instagram video, calling him "drop-dead gorgeous" and "the best person on the face of the earth."

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