Airports Exploring Ways to Get Passengers Exercising During Waits & Layovers

November 12, 2019



Airports are installing mile markers and opening gyms and yoga rooms to provide exercise amenities for travelers, according to The Wall Street Journal. Some passengers enjoy the idea of having the chance to move and stretch before sitting in a small space for hours. "I'm frequently traveling and lose whole days where I can't do any exercise," says one traveler. "If there was a gym at JFK, I'd join." However, some challenges exist for airports exploring these issues. For one thing, expensive plumbing might have to be installed so people can freshen up or shower after a workout. Also, not everyone is a frequent traveler, so convincing those people to pay up for classes, a gym membership or personal training might be a "heavy lift" when what they'd rather do is sit or check out eateries while waiting for a flight.