9-Year-Old Runner Wins 10K Against Adults After Taking Wrong Turn on 5K Route

October 2, 2019

WoodysPhotos iStock / Getty Images Plus


Nine-year-old runner Kade Lovell was cruising through a 5K race in Sartell, Minnesota, this past weekend when he took a wrong turn. He ultimately wound up finishing the 10K (6.2-mile) race and won--not for his age group, but among all competitors. Young Kade's time of just over 48 minutes was a full minute better than the 40-year-old who came in second. "I was like, 'This is not a 5K.' Once I turned around, I was like, 'My mom is going to yell at me,'" he told WCCO-TV. Kade, who's literally been running road races since he was in diapers, trains three times a week and plans to compete at the Junior Olympics this winter.