5 Crazy Moments From “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All”

March 6, 2019

The women eliminated by Colton Underwood on this season of The Bachelor reunited on Tuesday night for a very heated Women Tell All special. Here are some of the craziest moments from the event (which proved to involve a lot of arguing):

Onyeka versus Nicole. Nicole continued to accuse Onyeka of bullying her, causing Onyeka to explain, “The definition of bully is someone who intentionally tries to intimidate someone that they believe is inferior to them.” She then asked Nicole to give her an example of when she did that, but then interrupted Nicole to say, "Thank you, next.”

Katie reveals who wasn’t “ready to get married.” Before leaving the show, Katie warned Colton there were some women who weren’t ready to commit to get married. During the special, she revealed she was talking about Caelynn and Cassie. She and Caelynn also exchanged words over an alleged conversation that Caelynn had about possibly being the next Bachelorette. 

Demi versus Courtney. While Demi apologized for calling Courtney "the cancer of the house,” she proceeded to liken her to “bed bugs." Courtney responded by getting in Demi’s face, calling her a child and stuffing a baby pacifier in her mouth. 

Chris Harrison tries (and fails) to be Oprah. Harrison surprised Nicole with a one-year supply of ice cream to deal with her emotions. “This is my Oprah moment,” Harrison then told the audience. "You get ice cream, you get ice cream, you get ice cream, everybody gets ice cream."

Sydney asks what everyone is thinking. Sydney asked what all of the viewers wanted to know: Is Colton still a virgin? After the pair exchanged some sexual-innuendo banter, Harrison took a poll of the group to see who thinks Colton is still a virgin and only a few raise their hands.