4 Tips for Turning Down Social Activities Now That Quarantines Are Lifting

May 20, 2020
social distancing

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If your state is lifting stay-at-home orders and opening up eateries and public spaces, you may still be wary of leaving the house. However, family members and friends might already be trying to make plans with you. If you're not ready to risk your health, Lifehacker offers these suggestions for turning folks down.

  • Answer right away. Don't take days to think about it; if you already know you're not ready to meet up, be prompt rather than cancel last minute.
  • Give a brief explanation. Do have an answer for why you're saying no.
  • Offer alternatives. Perhaps you can meet up at a park without being too close. Maybe you can do more frequent Zoom meetings. Brainstorm creative ways to get together.
  • Stay firm. Be clear that you're not changing your mind and agree to talk later if someone gets too heated or upset about your refusal to meet.