3 Tips for Hiring a Virtual Babysitter

April 15, 2020

bernardbodo iStock / Getty Images Plus


For many parents who are working from home, having someone else occupy their kids' attention for a while is helpful. If there's not another quarantined adult in the house with some free time, Lifehacker asks that you consider these tips as you seek out a virtual babysitter.

  • Have realistic expectations. Realize that the virtual sitter can't protect your child physically; you'll still have to be around as they read stories, play games or do homework.
  • Get the right person. While it might be easy to hit up a teen cousin, a better choice might be your child's daycare teacher, an aunt or a past babysitter.
  • Consider a professional. Existing babysitting services now offer virtual services; these services have already vetted staff, which might make them a  more attractive choice.