21 Grand Princess Cruise Passengers Have Coronavirus; Ship Docks Monday

March 9, 2020
cruise ship

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21 people on the Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of California tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to USA Today. Speaking at the White House, Vice President Mike Pence said that 21 people had tested positive for the virus; 19 were crew members and two were passengers. “Those that will need to be quarantined will be quarantined. Those who will require medical help will receive it,” Pence said. The ship will dock on Monday at the Port of Oakland. Crew will remain aboard, and California residents will be quarantined in a federal facility in California. Residents of other states will be quarantined in other states. This is the second Princess cruise ship that has had to deal with the coronavirus; the Diamond Princess ship was quarantined off the coast of Japan last month.