12 Rules for Ordering Groceries Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 18, 2020

Vera_Petrunina iStock / Getty Images Plus


Now that a simple trip toe the grocery store is a lot more complicated because of the coronavirus, you may be considering using grocery delivery services instead of going yourself. USA Today put together this list of 12 rules to follow if you're ordering groceries online. 

  1. Keep a running grocery list. Lists can prevent impulse buying, even if someone else is doing the shopping. 
  2. Do an inventory of what you have on hand. There's no reason to double-up on things you already have.
  3. Be specific. Don't just say "a head of lettuce" if you want romaine. 
  4. Attach a photo to your order. If you have an independent surrogate shopper, this can make their lives easier and your order more accurate. 
  5. Consider substitutions. Give your shopper some options should they run into problems finding what you asked for. 
  6. Don't order too little. Buy several of regularly used items to cut down on the size of future orders.
  7. Don't over-order. At the same time, don't order anything that you don't think you'll be able to use in a reasonable period of time.
  8. Don't forget the toiletries and over-the-counter medications. Get your vitamins and deodorant with your grocery order and save yourself a trip to the drug store.
  9. Plan ahead. With grocery services in high demand, put your order in a few days earlier than you actually need it. 
  10. Tip generously. Show your appreciation with at least a 10 percent tip. 
  11. Expect some disappointments. Omissions or mix-ups are rarely catastrophic.
  12. Clean or disinfect your groceries. Once your groceries arrive, disinfect packages with antiseptic spray, wipes or soap and water. Fresh fruits and veggies can get a thorough washing in warm water.