A Spencerport Teen to be the First Female Ever Featured on 'Big League Chew' Bubblegum Packaging

February 16, 2019

If you ever took part in Little League, 'Big League Chew' bubble gum is something you definitely saw at the concession stands. While it's been criticized in the past for being too similar to and possibly a gateway product to chewing tobacco, the gum brand is now be praised for it's inclusivity. Alayna Berry is a sophmore at Spencerport who will be the first female ever featured on the packaging for 'Big League Chew'. 13WHAM reported that Alayna's aunt, Amanda MacFarlane, is a freelance illustrator who was hired to draw up the first softball player for 'Big League Chew' bubble gum packaging, and she used Alayna as her inspiration. The gum is already available online and will be in stores soon.