Should You Board a Plane First or Last When Flying With Little Kids?

March 19, 2019

Isn't it awesome for parents with small children to be able to board an airplane before anyone else? No, it's not, says Lifehacker scribe Michelle Woo. After 40 minutes of waiting for everyone else to board, impatient tykes liable to whine about how much longer it will be before the plane takes off. "Who ever thought it would be a good idea for young children to spend more time on a plane than absolutely necessary?" writes Woo. "A better travel tactic: Board last." She recommends having your kids "get their jiggles" out and use the bathroom with the extra time spent in the airport before boarding. And if you absolutely need some overhead space, Woo suggests that one parent board early with carry-on bags while the other hangs back with the wee ones.