R. Kelly Spends 2nd Night in Jail Because He's Too Broke to Afford $100K for Bail

February 25, 2019

R. Kelly is reportedly still sitting in the slammer after surrendering to authorities on Saturday because he can't come up with $100,000 for bail. Vulture notes that Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, said at a Saturday press conference that Kelly's finances are a "mess." Greenberg went on to say, "This is someone who should be wealthy…he’s trying to get it together. He doesn’t have $100,000 sitting in the bank, in a shoebox, sitting anywhere." A Chicago judge set Kelly's bond at $1 million on charges the singer sexually abused four females from 1998 to 2010. To be released on bond, he'd need to pay the standard 10 percent of that sum, or $100,000. Kelly was indicted Friday on 10 charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.