Netflix UK Viewers Revolt After Streaming Service Alters "The Notebook"'s Ending

February 27, 2019

Netflix has got some 'splaining to do after UK users noticed this week that the streaming service is showing The Notebook with a changed ending. "You are NOT about to just ruin my favorite movie like that!" one irate Notebook fan tweeted at Netflix on Monday, while another tweeted, "Can someone please answer me why change the ending for The Notebook please????" The 2004 tearjerker originally ended (spoiler alert!) with Allie and her husband (played in their elder years by Gena Rowlands and James Garner, respectively) dying in each other's arms and a nurse discovering them together the next morning. As one Netflix user explained about the change, "They just cut out the bit where the nurse finds them. They still died in each other’s arms, it’s still implied." And yet another fan claims this ending is more loyal to the Nicholas Sparks novel the movie is based on. "The alternate ending of The Notebook is more similar to that of the ACTUAL book," that fan tweeted, noting that she thinks they changed up the ending because "there's a sequel, so it’s definitely prepping us for the sequel." Meanwhile, Teen Vogue notes that it's unclear which version of The Notebook may appear when the movie comes to Netflix's U.S. platform on March 1.