Lori Loughlin Once Said She Never Wanted to Do Anything "My Children Have to Pay the Price for"

March 22, 2019

Lori Loughlin's old interviews keep coming back to haunt her in the wake of her college-admissions bribery scandal. People reports that back in 2014, the actress told the Christian Broadcasting Network that her faith guides her against making choices that might prove hard for her kids. “For me personally, I was always very thoughtful about projects that I chose for myself,” Loughlin said about her career. “I would say to myself, ‘Can my father watch this?’ If my father couldn’t watch it, I didn’t do it.” She added, "And then when I had children…I always thought, 'I don’t want to do anything that one day might rear its ugly head and my children have to pay the price for that.'" She added that her faith led her to believe that God has "got my back." No word on whether God plans to continue having Loughlin's back should she go to prison.