Magic! Announces New Album, 'Expectations'

Plus, the band delivers new title track!

August 7, 2018

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Magic! has announced they will deliver their third studio album, Expectations, on September 7. The band has introduced the project so far with the release of two new feel-good tunes.

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Band members Nasri, Mark Pellizzer, Ben Spivak, and Alex Tanas will unveil a total of thirteen new songs when Expectations drops next month. The title track, "Expectations," follows Magic!'s lead single, "Kiss Me," which the reggae-pop quartet also released a music video for earlier this summer.

Magic! is currently preparing for the launch of their 2018 Canadian tour.

Listen to Magic!'s "Expectations" below.

Expectations Track List: 

1. Expectations

2. Core

3. More Of You

4. Kiss Me

5. Appreciate You

6. Eyes Don't Tell Lies (Interlude)

7. Darts In The Dark

8. Motions

9. Space (Interlude)

10. How You Remember Me

11. Things You Say

12. When The Trust Is Gone

13. A Little Big Of Love