Heroic Montana Vets Miraculously Bring Frozen, Snow-Caked Cat Back to Life

February 7, 2019

Last week in Montana, the owners of Fluffy the cat found the feline caked in snow and unresponsive in 10-degree weather. They rushed Fluffy to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, where the cat's internal temperature was too low for thermometers to read. (As UPI notes, a normal temperature for a cat is 101 degrees.) "I've never seen this," veterinarian Jevon Clark told KULR-TV. "I've been in practice for almost 24 years, and she was actually caked in ice--like those ice balls were caked on her all the way around her 360 degrees." Heroically, Clark and his colleagues were able to revive Fluffy using heating pads and a heated cage. Fluffy's owners say that she'll be strictly an indoor cat from here on out.