Hate Crimes Jumped 226% in U.S. Counties Where Trump Held 2016 Rallies

March 22, 2019

After an Australian man allegedly shot and killed more than 50 people at a Muslim mosque in New Zealand last week, President Trump said he doesn't "really" see white nationalism as a rising threat. Now a new study finds that hate crimes rose in U.S. counties where Trump held election rallies in 2016. According to The Washington Post, hate crimes increased 226 percent in 275 counties where Trump appeared that year, compared to similar counties that did not host rallies. Those hate crimes included incidents of assault, vandalism and intimidation. "Of course, our analysis cannot be certain it was Trump’s campaign rally rhetoric that caused people to commit more hate crimes in the host county," the outlet notes, "[but> it is hard to discount a 'Trump effect' when a considerable number of these reported hate crimes reference Trump."