Guy Goes Viral Eating Whole Pizza in Hallway Outside Michael Cohen Hearing

February 28, 2019

Move over, Pizza Rat! Here comes what looks like Starving Pizza Intern! A guy in Washington, D.C., is going viral after he was caught on camera scarfing down an entire pizza outside Michael Cohen's congressional hearing. The young man appeared over the shoulder of a CBS News reporter during a live feed; he could be seen holding an entire pizza box from the chain &Pizza while hungrily shoving a slice into his mouth. It seems someone off-camera quickly told him his late lunch was being caught on camera, as he's then seen looking up and staring directly at viewers. "That feeling when you go to eat your hallway pizza and get told you’re in the live shot," a Twitter user captioned the clip. Another tweeted, "We've all been hallway pizza guy at some point."