Florida Mayor Shoots at Cops While Being Arrested for Illegally Practicing Medicine

February 22, 2019

Florida mayor Dale Massad just loves illegal shots--whether he's administering them as a fake doctor or firing them at the cops. On Thursday, Massad reportedly shot at police twice as they were trying to arrest him at his Port Richey home for illegally practicing medicine. “He's lucky he's not dead,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said at a press conference. “He shot rounds at us.” The 68-year-old Massad had his medical license suspended back in 1992, but a recent investigation found he was still performing medical procedures in his home--one of which led to a patient being hospitalized. Massad was also arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery last year after a scuffle with his girlfriend. “The reputation isn't the greatest,” Nocco said about Massad, calling him "Port Richey's version" of disgraced Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Berry. Massad is now facing several counts of attempted homicide.