FedEx Driver Quietly Shovels Snow Off Widow’s Porch After Learning Her Husband Recently Died

March 11, 2019

Normally if you run across a video of a doorbell camera online, it's in an attempt to catch a thief. This story is quite the opposite. According to the website Little Things, a woman named Leigh Ann, who lives in a small town in Nebraska, posted a video of her FedEx delivery driver quietly shoveling her porch after a big storm to show the kindness of others. Leigh Ann, who is a mother of three, recently became a widow after her husband, who was only 42 years-old, passed away after a 7 month battle with cancer. That was something her driver, a man named Brian, became aware of after a conversation with her. What Brian was unaware of however, was that his kind gesture was recorded for the world to see.