You Probably Wouldn't Want to Date this Star Athlete After Hearing This Story

February 20, 2019

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer has drawn ire and ridicule for his love of drones and his brash Twitter persona. Now he's being slammed for his dating etiquette as revealed in a new Sports Illustrated profile. Bauer has "three rules" when it comes to dating, including a no-monogamy policy. "I sleep with other people," he says. "I’m going to continue to sleep with other people. If you’re not okay with that, we won’t sleep together, and that’s perfectly fine. We can just be perfectly polite platonic friends.” Another Bauer rule is "no feelings." He explains, "As soon as I sense you’re developing feelings, I’m going to cut it off, because I’m not interested in a relationship and I’m emotionally unavailable." Lastly, "no social media posts about me while we’re together, because private life stays private." He adds, “I imagine if I was married at this point, I would be a very bad husband." Hey, at least he's honest!