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Using an avocado to propose?

This must be the most millennial way to propose ever. Would you seriously want to be proposed to by having your ring inside an avocado? It just seems like a waste of a perfectly good avocado. Like do they at least eat it after? Those things aren't cheap. Read all about it here . Read More

Using beer to de-ice roads?

Apparently, using salt to de-ice the roads isn't great for the environment, mainly fish and water based life. So some towns have actually been using beet juice, molasses, beer waste, pickle brine, and cheese brine as alternatives to salt. That must smell really interesting. Also, side note - if the... Read More

Nutella Riots Break Out in France

Nutella decided to cut their prices by about 70% in France recently...and well, this caused people to start buying Nutella like crazy! It actually got violent. Someone even got a black eye! You don't mess with people and their Nutella. It's really more of an addiction than a sandwich spread. Read... Read More

This full body scarf is too big to actually wear

This full body scarf looks very warm and cozy, although impossible to move in. Personally, I think it'd be nice for lounging on the couch on a cold winter night...provided I had someone to help me take it on and off/ bring me soup. Check out the pics here . Read More

The Red Cross needs your blood!

A lot less people have donated this year due to the flu and also severe winter weather, so the Red Cross is in serious need of blood donations right now. If you have blood (which hopefully you do, otherwise you might be an alien/ghost/artificial intelligence and should see a doctor immediately),... Read More

Get a job eating chicken nuggets

THIS...IS...REAL... There's a job posting for a "Chicken Nugget Connoisseur" to try different types of chicken nuggets and other frozen food. Apparently, it's only part time so there's no benefits...other than the fact YOU GET TO EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS FOR YOUR JOB. Here's the job posting . Read More

This dog leotard is ridiculous

Your dog does NOT want to wear this. I mean he will seriously HATE YOU if you buy him this. Although it is kinda cute. Check it out here: End Dog Shedding — and Get Great Instagram Photos — with this Hilarious Dog Leotard via @people — v2Crystals (@... Read More

How to get out of hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is AWESOME! But hosting it can be a pain in the butt. It's a LOT of work. My family has Thanksgiving at lunch time so my parents literally get up at 4am to prep the turkey and get it cooking. So if you're worried that you may be asked to start hosting, but don't want do you... Read More

Look: Jack Antonoff & The Banana Saga Continues!

Musician and producer Jack Antonoff stopped by our studios and recreated a VIP (very important picture ) from the MTV Video Music Awards in August of this year with me. See the picture above! ICYMI: We Are All Jack Antonoff Casually Eating A Banana During The VMAs- Huffington Post Read More