You can get marijuana pizza in Massachusetts

June 7, 2017

Stoners who cook are some of the most creative people ever. 

There is a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts that is selling pizza laced with marijuana. The creators put THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in the tomato sauce, and apparently it is a hit (no pun intended, I swear)! But before you make plans for a road trip, since it is a medical dispensary, anyone looking to purchase some pot pizza needs to have a state issued medical marijuana ID card. 

Honestly, it seems like the sky is the limit to what they can put marijuana in these days. Birthday cakes? Cereal? Burritos? PROBABLY! I'm predicting someday there will be full grocery stores full of just marijuana infused groceries. Like Wegmans, but where everything has weed in it...Weedmans? 

Wednesday's off to a terrific start and we have the pleasure of announcing our newest Marijuana infused product, Cheese Pizza! Infused with our high strength THC distillate this South Shore bar style pizza is a delicious doughy treat ready after just a few minutes in your oven! #Ermont #edibles #pizza #cheese #nom #tasty #treat #datdough #doughdude

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