Why do weird things happen in Florida? Woman finds iguana in toilet in Florida

May 17, 2017

I want you to know that I have nothing against Florida - it's a beautiful state and the home of Disney World, which IS in fact the most magical place on Earth. 

Okay, now that I've proven that I have nothing against Florida...WHY DO SO MANY WEIRD THINGS SEEM TO HAPPEN THERE???

Recently, a woman had to call 911 because she found an IGUANA IN HER TOILET! That's not normal, right?

Apparently, it was a first for the fire department too who was sent to her house to take care of it. The woman has no idea how it got there, but is speculating that it probably came up through the pipes.

Imagine if you were using the toilet when that happened...

Remind me to never use the bathroom next time I visit Florida.