What is and isn't acceptable to put in an omelet?

July 5, 2017

With yesterday being 4th of July, you probably have a lot of leftover hamburgers and hotdogs. And as amazing as they are, it can get old eating these leftovers for every meal the same way. So why not switch it up and throw your BBQ leftovers in an omelet and have a little taste of America for breakfast?

Omelets are basically the garbage can of your refrigerator. 

But there are limits to the magical powers of omelets. Here are some suggestions for leftovers to add to omelets, and ones that you might want to stay away from.

Put it in an omelet:


-Hot dogs

-French fries


-Ribs (just take the meat off the bone)

-Pizza (Just chop it up into small bits. It's really just cheese, bread, and meat - why wouldn't this be good with breakfast?) 

-Any leftover vegetables (EXCEPT LETTUCE OR CABBAGE. EW) 

-Baked beans

-Any cheese or pepperoni that is about to go bad if you don't use it soon




-Taco meat


Probably wouldn't taste good in an omelet (but you should totally try it anyways and let us know how it is cause why not)



-Anything sweet like fruit

-Peanut butter

-Candy (I've actually tried this. Don't ask why. But it was weird.)