Ways to enjoy this crappy weather

May 8, 2017

Is this actually May? Because the weather has been more like fall these past few days in Rochester. Except, unlike fall there aren't pumpkin spiced lattes, delicious apples, and Oktoberfest beers to enjoy. Just lots of mud and cold rain. Yay..

But before you decide you're just gonna mope around and complain on Twitter about the weather, there are some things you can do to make the most out of this "spring" we've been having!


1.) Try cooking something new.

If you're like me, then being inside makes you hungry (actually everything makes me hungry). Use the extra inside time to try one of those pinterest recipes you've been meaning to try. Nom nom nom. 


2.) Get caught up on your Netflix.

You've been meaning to get caught up on House of Cards before the new season comes out, so here's your chance! Or invite some friends over for a movie marathon.


3.) Have a wine night.

Enjoying some nice beverages with friends is fun regardless of the weather. And if you feel like being fancy, pick up some cheese to have with your wine. Or hummus! Mmmmmm hummus.


4.) Read

You've been saying how you would love to read more if only you had more time. Well, now you do! Read a few chapters of that book you bought back in 2011 and keep putting off reading. And at the very least, it might lead to a wonderful rainy nap. 


5.) Nap

Speaking of naps, get caught up on sleep so when the sun finally returns from its hiatus you have the energy to go out and play!


But if none of that sounds good to you, then when in doubt, complaining about the weather on Twitter does always feel good too.