Rochester needs to start celebrating Dyngus Day

April 18, 2017

Every year, on the day after Easter, the city of Buffalo turns up for Dyngus Day! But when you mention Dyngus Day to anyone in Rochester, most people say "Huh? What's that?"


Dygnus Day is a Polish holiday that takes place every year on the Monday after Easter and it is HUGE in Buffalo. It celebrates the end of Lent and the start of good weather. Thousands of people come out to party wearing red and white (the colors of the Polish flag). There's a parade, delicious food, beer tents, and lots of krupnik - which is a delicious Polish honey liquor. The day is basically like a Polish version of St. Patrick's Day. 


People also carry around pussy willow branches and lightly tap people that they think are attractive (Honestly not sure how this got started. It's a little weird, but somehow makes more sense after you've had a few). 


Since I grew up in Buffalo (and am mostly Polish), I'm a big fan of this holiday and think we need to bring it to Rochester!! I mean, we can always use more reasons to party, right?