Rochester is the 8th Most Stressed City in America

July 19, 2017

WalletHub has compiled a list of the most stressed out cities in the United States, and guess what? Rochester came in at number 8! (Doesn't that just make you feel even MORE stressed?)

The list was determined based on factors such as poverty level, average weekly work hours, annual household income, divorce rates, and many others.


The top 10 stressed out cities are:

1. Newark, NJ

2. Detroit, MI (yeah, not surprised this one is on here, honestly)

3. Cleveland, OH

4. Jackson, MS

5. Miami, FL

6. Birmingham, AL

7. San Bernardino, CA


9. Augusta, GA

10. Shreveport, LA (never heard of this city once in my life) 


Rochester was also listed as the 4th highest poverty rate and 4th highest divorce rate :/ 

You can find out how other cities ranked and see more specifics about the data here