Pink pineapples are now a thing and you can eat them

May 26, 2017

Back in the day, we used to buy food because we were hungry and it provided nourishment. Now, some of us buy food based on how Instagrammable it is. 

Introducing the PINK PINEAPPLE. No, you're not having an acid flashback. It IS actually pink. And apparently, it's safe to eat. The FDA approved it back in December to be sold in stores. The pink color is created through genetic modification from a chemical called lycopene. Apparently, lycopene makes the pineapples sweeter too. Not only is the outside pink, but the inside is as well.

Maybe we'll see these in Wegmans soon? 

---- #PinkPineapples are real! The unicorn of the vegetation world. . . . (Tho they're probably not good for you)

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Pink Pineapples exist #PinkPineapples

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