My summertime fear: Ferris Wheels

July 11, 2016

It's time to confess something...I am deathly afraid of Ferris Wheels. You can give me the scariest rollercoaster on the planet, give me a ride that goes 8,000 mph and spins you upside down, and I have no problem. But, when it comes to Ferris Wheels my heart rate sky rockets. 

Being a good cousin (#selfpraise), I decided to take my little cousin to Darien Lake yesterday. He's 15 years old and loves the rides (actually it turns out the real reason he wanted me to take him was so he could get fried dough, but that's a whole different story).

Since he's a 15 year old dude boy, I figured the last ride he would beg me to go on would be the Ferris Wheel......turns out this is his favorite ride. Awesomeeeeeeeee..But, in an attempt to be a good cousin and overcome my irrational fear, I agreed to go on with him. I mean, I'm 24 years old, and little kids can ride this with no problem. I should be okay, right? 

You're probably wondering, "What's the rationale behind why I'm so scared of this ride?" I think it's the lack of straps. You're 200 feet in the air, and you're essentially sitting in a dangling gazebo with no harness. The slightest breeze makes the cart rock gently back and forth, and it feels as if I could easily fall out to my death.

The scariest part for me was when they stopped the ride while we were at the top so more people could get on the circular death trap..I mean Ferris Wheel. (Just writing about this is making me anxious). It felt like an eternity as we dangled in the air looking out over Darien Lake. My hand was gripped tightly on the seat the entire time - an attempt to make sure I didn't accidentally fall out. Once we finally came down to safety, I noticed that my hand was soaking wet with sweat from gripping the seat so tightly. YES FEAR IS GROSS. 

What's the morale of the story here? Ferris Wheels should be illegal. Jk. What I learned is that facing your fears is overrated. Seeing as my cousin and I barely spoke to each other while we went on the ride (except for occasionally pointing out the dirty drawings people had made with sharpies inside the cart), he probably would have been okay by himself (I guess I could even try to win him a giant stuffed bear to sit across from him in my place next time). Some fears are worth overcoming, but seeing as Ferris Wheels aren't a necessary part of daily life..I say F THAT.          ("F" is for Ferris Wheel. Calm down FCC) 


I am deathly afraid of Ferris Wheels. Seriously. The Ride of Steel is so easy compared to this for me. @darienlake #Sunday

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