Here's what you should eat on your first date

May 24, 2017

Not only is fried chicken delicious, but it turns out that it might be the best thing to get on a first date! I know, crazy right?

The dating app Hinge conducted a survey of 8,000 of their users to find out what date activities and food lead to the greatest success (success was determined by having a second date). 

According to their study, the most successful date activity is grabbing drinks, followed by getting coffee. Having lunch or dinner scored lower. 

The best food to eat if you want a second date is FRIED CHICKEN! (Yesssssss, finally a meal I can afford). If you're wondering what drink to order, go for the Bloody Mary. And Bloody Marys technically count as vegetables, right? Just go with it..

The survey concluded that tequila usually didn't lead to a second date, although I don't agree with that finding. Margaritas are ALWAYS a good idea, in my opinion. 

Read more about the study here