This boy stared down the camera at ESPN College World Series

June 30, 2016

Let me be honest, I'm REALLY not a sports guy. I grew up in one of those families that  taped the Super Bowl so we could fast forward through the game to watch the commercials (I know, how un-American..I don't care). But if more things like this happened, then I'd probably watch a lot more sports.

During the ESPN College World Series, the TV camera happened to land upon a random boy in the stands. A random boy who immediately challenged the camera to a staring contest...which lasted about a minute total. The camera keeps cutting back to the game (because I mean I guess that's why most people watch sports...for the game...not to see an incredibly random staring showdown between a boy and ESPN) but the camera keeps coming back to the boy..who is still staring.

It's pretty hilarious. I'm going to start watching more baseball now.