The best words to use in your online dating profile

May 15, 2017

It's 2017, so chances are you've downloaded Tinder or Bumble or visited some kind of dating website at some point in the hopes of meeting someone (because who meets anyone in person anymore, right??)

And if you've a created a profile, you probably wanted to make sure your bio was perfect. So what's the best way to describe yourself? What words should you use?


Well that depends on if you're a guy or a girl, according to a study. 

For women - men were most drawn to women who described themselves with the word 'sexy', 'honest', 'affectionate', 'confident', or 'intelligent'. 

For men - women liked it when guys described themselves as 'honest', 'intelligent', 'confident', 'funny', and 'romantic'. 


Honesty scored high among both genders. The conclusion? Telling the truth is sexy. 


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