Being De-Friended on Facebook

September 11, 2017

Facebook likes to suggest people who you might want to "friend". But what if one of those "friend" suggestions happens to be someone that you THOUGHT you were already friends with?

This happened to me this morning. Facebook suggested that I might be friends with someone who I actually used to be very close with in high school, but has since moved away. And I quickly realized - I've been...defriended. 




Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It stings!!! Realizing that you didn't make the cut on someone's last Facebook friend purge doesn't feel good. Even if I haven't talked to this person in over 6 months, it still makes me feel crappy. 

But then, I realized something.

Facebook doesn't matter. Fact is, the only communication I've had with this person in the past several years is a happy birthday text once a year and one from them in return, so we're reallllly not friends anymore anyways. 

Now if they unfollowed me on TWITTER, there'd be HELL TO PAY. Jk.

(Deep breaths)