63% of people do this in their car every day

May 25, 2017

Did you eat in your car today? If you did, you are definitely not alone! Turns out that 63% of people eat in their car every single day! 

The most common meal was breakfast on the way to work. 

If you're like me, then you can get pretty disgusting when you eat (bibs are not JUST for babies). So naturally, eating in your car might make it pretty messy. Well, even so, 34% of people said they only cleaned out their car about 4 times a year. 27% of people only did it before going on a road trip (this is me!). 

Besides eating breakfast on the way to work, I think lots of people also eat lunch in their cars while at work. I remember when I worked at Tops as a cashier, I'd almost always eat my lunch in my car. Sometimes you just need to shut out the world and not talk to anyone for 30 min! Just be careful you don't drain your battery by blasting the A/C...this happened to me once and I didn't notice until my shift was over. There's nothing worse than finishing work and then finding out you can't leave...



Here's a link to the study if you want more info.