David Letterman Tells Ellen He Should've Left "Late Show" 10 Years Earlier

March 22, 2019

David Letterman revealed on Thursday's Ellen that he wishes he'd retired from The Late Show 10 years earlier than he did. "Here's the mistake I made: I stayed on television way too long," the 71-year-old Letterman said about his 2015 retirement. "And I'll tell you what happened: It turns out nobody had the guts to fire me and I should've left, like, 10 years ago." He added, "You want to make sure you have some energy to direct toward other things. All I cared about was myself and then the show was gone. And so I had to realize, oh, I've been looking through the wrong end of the telescope." Letterman now works for Habitat for Humanity and has his own Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which returns for its second season soon with DeGeneres as one of Letterman's guests. On Ellen, Letterman also told a hilarious story about fearing he'd get arrested when he once accidentally threw a baseball through a Late Show office window.