Woman Sues Weather Channel for Storm Spotter Crash That Killed Her Son

March 28, 2019

The mother of a Texas man who was killed by a recklessly driven storm spotting van on March 28, 2017, is seeking $125 million in a wrongful-death lawsuit against The Weather Channel. According to the New York Post, 25-year-old Corbin Lee Jaeger was heading westward, away from an approaching tornado when a Chevy Suburban driven by on-air personalities Kelley Williamson and Randall Yarnall blew through a stop sign at 70 mph and slammed into him. Williamson and Yarnall, who both died in the crash as well, hosted the show Storm Wranglers and were notorious for their reckless driving. The suit claims the network was aware of their reckless driving habits, but did nothing about it because it helped “increase the sense of danger” for their show.