Woman Live-Tweets Viking Sky Cruise Ship Rescue

March 25, 2019

Passengers were hoisted one by one from a stranded cruise ship via helicopter on Saturday after strong winds started pushing the ship toward the Norwegian coast. According to BuzzFeed, the Viking Sky sent out a mayday signal after experiencing engine problems in the Norwegian Sea. At the time, the ship was carrying nearly 1,400 passengers and crew--many of whom were senior citizens. While the ship ultimately arrived safely at port in Norway, a woman by the name of Alexus Sheppard went viral for live-tweeting from the ship during the rescue mission. In addition to posting some scary videos from the ship, Sheppard updated followers with tweets such as “Air evacuations have now ceased” and “Update…the tugs are attached and we’re about to turn towards the nearest port.” After hours of live-tweeting, Sheppard ended her story with a photo of passengers sleeping on the floor of the ship in life jackets. “Battery dying and people sleeping everywhere,” she wrote. “Probably my last tweet of the night.”