Woman Goes Viral Asking Random Men to Kiss Her at Famous Landmarks

November 4, 2019



Talk about a man in every port! A recent college graduate who lives in Virginia is going viral after she tweeted a thread of pics that show her kissing random men at famous landmarks. "I hope this guy I met at the Eiffel Tower and asked for a pic of us kissing so I could pretend I had a romantic time in Paris is doing good," Kristiana Kuqi wrote Friday alongside her swoony Parisian pic. She then posted a pic that shows her smooching another rando in front of the Colosseum. "I hope this one from Rome is good too," she captioned that snap. In a third post, she's seen reaching up to kiss a firefighter through the window of his truck. While there's no landmark in that photo, she explained that he's a "fireman who responded to a fire at a wedding I was at in Kentucky." After her thread went viral, the Kosovo native suggested followers check out more romantic pics on Instagram. She also teased, "I really be...making moves." As for her newfound fans, one of them tweeted, "The goal is not to travel the world with your man, but to have a man in every part of the world you travel to."