Woman Gives Birth, Goes to Hospital 1 Month Later With Stomach Pains, Gives Birth to Twins

March 28, 2019

Is this what they mean by the "fourth trimester?" A 20-year-old woman in Bangladesh who gave birth to her first child in late February reportedly went to a hospital 26 days later complaining of stomach pains--and unexpectedly gave birth to twins who were hiding in a second uterus. "It is not very common to have two uteruses. When the uterus develops, it comes from two tubes and those tubes fuse together. For some women, the fusion does not occur and the dividing wall does not dissolve," explains Dr. S.N. Basu, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Max Healthcare hospital in New Delhi. Because new mom Arifa Sultana never received an ultrasound before delivering her first child, a boy, the twins were never detected. Sheila Poddar, the gynecologist at Ad-Din hospital in Dhaka who delivered the twins via C-section, says there have been no complications. "All three children are safe and healthy," Poddar tells the BBC. "The mother is also fine."