Will Colleges & Universities Refund Tuition or Housing Costs After Sending Students Home?

March 20, 2020

peterspiro iStock / Getty Images Plus


As the coronavirus spreads and life changes for many, college students have to worry about the life they left behind. The Wall Street Journal reports that students and parents are starting to wonder if colleges and universities will refund tuition and room and board costs after they were sent home due to coronavirus. Some colleges are giving partial refunds, some have not made those decisions yet, and some flat out refuse. “No, we are not going to reduce tuition," says Stanford University's website, although it is refunding some housing costs. Harvard University, Ohio State University and others are planning to refund some housing costs as well. Other schools mention the costs of going to an online curriculum, dining and food costs and other issues as reasons that they could refuse refunds. Georgetown College, a private, Christian college in Kentucky with about 1,000 students, will not be giving any refunds. “You can’t break one piece out, we’re almost 80% through the year," according to a rep for the school. “They have it in small print in the contract, so I guess there’s not much you can do,” says one Georgetown student. “But it just feels like a kick in the face to the students.”